RiskLookup Adds Building Permit Information to Its Insurance Agent’s Website

Insurance agents have buildings' permit history at their fingertips

Burlingame, CA – Strategic Agencies, LLC, a provider of online services for insurance agencies, announced a major improvement to its RiskLookup risk search portal. In addition to having access to an abundance of risk information, members now have access to detailed information about building permits issued for specific properties.

Joseph Totah, president of AgencyEquity.com's parent company Strategic Agencies, LLC said, “We are excited about the addition of building permit information to RiskLookup. What was already a valuable site uniquely designed for insurance agents now gives them even more information to improve their underwriting and marketing.”

Launched in 2017, RiskLookup provides data and information on each specific risk by address. The site gives licensed insurance producers access to a wealth of information about each risk with just a few mouse clicks. The service is free to all licensed insurance producers, with additional access available to members. An insurance agent’s license is required for registering to use the site. 

The addition of building permit information is the latest upgrade to the service. Premium subscribers to RiskLookup are now able to get full detailed reports about building permits issued to homeowners for 28 types of projects, such as:

  • Electrical updates
  • Roofing updates
  • Plumbing updates
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Home additions
  • Mechanical work

Members have an indication if an item has been updated will see “Yes-No” indications on each of these project types. The full report includes more details and members have access to this for $2.50.  The full report includes the date of the permit; the type of project; the project's dollar value; permit number; the name of the contractor performing the work; and the project's status (permit issued or complete.)

The database includes information on most properties throughout the USA. Certain jurisdictions have not been databased as of yet, however additional properties are added daily.

“Building permit information enables agents to better show their value to clients,” Totah said. “For example, an agent who knows that a property had its roof replaced last year may be able to offer the homeowner special premium discounts or a schedules credit for a business risk. The agent also may be able to offer special coverage or additional protection to properties that have recently added pools or solar panels.”

You may view a sample report here and to sign up, please go to RiskLookup. Because these reports are costly, including our free version, access is limited to licensed insurance agents.

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