Strategic Agencies Launches One-Stop Prospect Information Portal Exclusively For Insurance Agents puts comprehensive prospect information at agents' fingertips

Burlingame, CA -- Strategic Agencies, a leading provider of tactical tools for independent insurance agencies, has introduced a prospect information portal for independent insurance agents. gives licensed insurance producers access to a wealth of information about prospects, applicants and policyholders in a single online platform.   

Joseph Totah, president of Strategic Agencies, LLC and founder of said, “As a former agency owner, I knew this would be valuable to insurance agents because getting information from the prospect or various online sources can be cumbersome and unavailable. As an entrepreneur, I truly enjoy being innovative and bringing new concepts to the marketplace. ”, which licensed insurance agents may currently use for free, provides detailed information about properties in all 50 states in one platform. Unlike other property information sites, it is specifically designed to meet the needs of insurance agents, providing data agents need for effective underwriting and marketing. On a single screen, agents can get property information such as:

  • Age and square footage
  • Owner names
  • Potential expiration dates
  • Sale price, mortgage holder and loan balances
  • Flood insurance classification and elevation
  • Social media contact information
  • Roof construction
  • Extras such as air conditioning and pools
  • Street and satellite photos
  • More client and property details

“ gives agents a lot of data and information on their prospects, and knowledge is power,” Totah said. “The best use for this is to get to know and properly market the risk. This helps give agents a competitive advantage from a knowledge and marketing standpoint.”

The information agents obtain from the site will enable them to demonstrate their expertise to prospects and clients. For example, the agent can impress clients by educating them about their risks for flood loss. Also, knowing the amount of a mortgage on a property can position the agent to offer appropriate amounts of life insurance to the owner.

Social media information, which is not always available through search engines, also helps agents form personal connections with prospective clients. “People like doing business with those they know and feel comfortable with,” Totah said, “and there is no better way in the digital age than social media.” is for the exclusive use of licensed insurance agents. Agents must provide their license numbers when registering to use the site. Learn more at

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