Risk Lookup Testimonials



Man, I Absolutely Love RiskLookup!

As you can probably see from records, I use this thing like my right hand! It is quickly becoming an essential part of business as I use it to confirm and any information a client leaves off their apps. Seriously, its awesome!

Thank you,
Andrew S.


Such A Useful Site

RiskLookup is a useful site because it has a lot of info on the property in one place with a single entry. I find this to be convenient in getting prospective client information.

Caleb Kirk
Agent / Broker

What A Valuable Tool

I find RiskLookup to be a valuable tool as it is able to provide details about a property not always available on public sites like Zillow. I am able to quote a home without having to wait for the prospect to get back to me with information they don't know.

Doug Blakemore
Complete Insurance Coverage

So Helpful And Easy To Use

I find RiskLookup very useful. The general property statistics are helpful and being able to easily see the risk details with respect to distance from local fire department and flood is extremely helpful. It is helping me confirm details provided by insureds/applicants.

Phillip Martin
Broker/Agent, Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance (WBPI) 

So Powerful and Saves So Much Time

This new technology available to us has changed the way that me and my team interact with a new client.

Our first step when we are introduced to a new prospect, on the telephone or in person, is to look up the client in risk look up. We discover information regarding the individual and the residents there that would typically need to be provided to us by the client. Instead of asking a slew of questions upfront, we are now able to just confirm the details and ask a few pieces of information that is not already available.

Maria Geary
RightSure Insurance Group

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